Flat Rocks Road, 2012
Collection of Cornwall Historical Society

Considered part of Mohawk State Forest when it was acquired by Connecticut in 1925, Wyantenock consists of nine different parcels of land located in Cornwall, Warren, and Kent.

It is one of Connecticut’s least-visited forests, with little or no public access or developed recreation areas.

Wyantenock provides vital habitats for wildlife, watershed protection, and opportunities for commercial logging.

Parcel B of Wyantenock State Forest can be accessed from Flat Rocks Road, which is a dirt road. There are no state-maintained trails.

Coltsfoot Mountain, 2012
Collection of Cornwall Historical Society

Hand-tinted photograph of Coltsfoot Mountain, 1920s
Courtesy of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

The Coltsfoot Mountain block can be accessed on the Mohawk Trail.