John Henry Niemeyer,
Theodore Sedgwick Gold, Connecticut Secretary of Agriculture
, 1901

Private Collection

Discussion of this portrait can be found in the Annual Report of the Connecticut State Board of Agriculture, January 1911.

Cornwall’s Theodore Sedgwick Gold was the first Vice-President of the Connecticut Forestry Association, formed in 1895 to “develop public appreciation of the value of forests and the need for preserving and using them rightly.” It was renamed the Connecticut Forest and Park Association in 1928.

During the 1920s, Gold’s son, Charles Lockwood Gold, was Vice-President of the Association; Theodore S. Woolsey, Jr., who spent his summers here, was Secretary-Treasurer; and George B. Farnum of Cornwall was Chairman of the Trust Fund committee.

Theodore Gold was also the Connecticut Secretary of Agriculture. Among his duties, he furnished special tree spikes headed with the letter C, used to indicate that trees with the spike were under state protection.

Theodore S. Gold with his hundred-year-old orange tree, Cream Hill, circa 1905
Collection of Cornwall Historical Society