The South Cornwall Ladies’ Charitable Society, formed many years before the war, focused its efforts on raising money and making bedding, clothing, and other goods for soldiers. The wives and widows of soldiers were active contributors to the Society.

The Society collected money for the Sanitary Commission at New Haven, and met weekly to sew needed items for soldiers.

Pages from the South Cornwall Ladies’ Society log book, 1864-1865.
(Collection of Cornwall Historical Society)

Jane Jones Andrew (1814-1880), a member of the South Cornwall Ladies’ Charitable Society during the Civil War. (Collection of Cornwall Historical Society)

The Society sent the following items, recorded in their log book, to the Relief Union of New York:

One Bedquilt
Twenty-four Sheets
Fifty-three Pillow cases
Twenty-two Shirts
Six Towels
Fourteen Wrappers
Three Flannel Shirts
Twenty-nine pairs woolen Socks
One hundred and fourteen Pin cushions
Fourteen Bags
Fourteen Housewifes
A roll of Old Linen.

The Socks and Flannel Shirts were sent to the Fifth Conn. Regiment.