Cornwall, Connecticut-raised Lorraine Hammond is a well-known folksinger, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Lorraine has sought to preserve the music and traditions she grew up with as a child and pass them on in the community in which she was raised. With her husband, guitarist and folksinger Bennett Hammond, Lorraine has conducted a series of Cornwall “homecoming concerts.”

I grew up in the Northern Appalachians, the Berkshires. Raised on Sharon Mountain and in West Cornwall, Connecticut, I was at home on both sides of the Housatonic River. – Lorraine Hammond

Cornwall cared deeply and well for both my parents, Joe and Eleanor Choiniere. After their deaths in 2002 and 2003, I offered a homecoming concert at the Town Hall as a way to thank the town. My husband Bennett and I invited folks to bring along their instruments and jam with us later. That inspired Rachel Gall and some other players to create their own dance band and start up a whole new generation of Cornwall homemade music traditions. – Lorraine Hammond