Historic and Architectural Resource Survey of Cornwall

This survey, researched between 1999 to 2000, contains an inventory of some of the town’s historic structures. It is organized by street location and arranged in alphanumeric order. An index of all inventoried resources starts on page 68. When known, details of ownership and architectural style are provided. The survey also includes a brief overview of Cornwall history and the following items:

     Page 4:    Methodology and Criteria for Selection

     Page 9:    Historical and Architectural Overview

     Page 61:   Bibliography

     Page 63:   National Register Recommendations

     Page 68:   Index to Sites, Photographs, and Slides

The survey is searchable by keyword using the keys CTRL + F, however, the Index, which is arranged by street name, is often the best place to start.

CORRECTION: Hautboy is misspelled “Haughtboy.” If you find any errors or possible misspellings, please let us know by sending an email to: info@cornwallhistoricalsociety.org.