Future Exhibitions


What is it that makes the Litchfield countryside so unbelievably special? At any time of the year, each town in this corner of the state has its own unique personality and appeal. Timothy Stone (1774-1852), a local early-nineteenth century historian, called Cornwall “a Switzerland in miniature,” and wrote, “Its surface is remarkable for high hills and lofty mountains, from the summits of which all who delight in beholding the works of nature are gratified by the extensive scenery of mountains, hills, valleys and ravines, and cultivated fields.” If this sounds like Cornwall hasn’t changed much since the early years of the 19th century, you’re right! Cornwall and its neighboring towns are well known for their picture-perfect scenery and interesting history. Told entirely through vintage postcards and memorabilia, our new exhibition Sightseeing the Postcard Countryside: Greetings from Cornwall, Kent and Warren! will take you on a tour of Cornwall and the two towns that form its southern border. The exhibit – which is a collaboration between Cornwall and the Kent and Warren historical societies – will be on view July 1 through October 14, 2023. As a special addition to this year’s show, artist Paper Buck returns with an installation that explores the ongoing cultural and ecological life of the Housatonic River. Programming will include a roster of talks, events, and a concert.