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Do-It-Yourself Activity

Explore Cornwall as a family!

For a fun DIY family activity come to the Cornwall Historical Society and pick up a copy of our Local History Activity leaflets. Created in conjunction with the current map exhibition, each leaflet includes activities that will help you explore Cornwall’s history using maps. Reading a Map encourages young people to discover what kinds of information are provided by maps, and Street Signs and Place Names emphasizes the clues about a community’s local history that often can be found in the names of street, roads and other places in the community.

Norman Dorsen Lecture
Sunday, September 12

Norman Dorsen Annual Lecture, Talk by Dr. Kristen Keegan
3pm via Zoom

Dr. Keegan will speak about the various maps presented in the exhibition, touching on their relationships to the history and culture of Connecticut, and also on the physical processes of their production.

Dr. Keegan holds an MA in history and a Ph.D. in geography, and during her career has focused on history, historic architecture, and historical geography, fields that require extensive use of and knowledge about historic maps. She has worked in the field of cultural resource management in New England and New York for over twenty years, and seized occasional opportunities to contribute to academic work as far afield as Africa, Mexico, and the American Midwest, as well as topics closer to home. She attempts to issue a free monthly newsletter, Historical Notions, and is in business as Bywater Historical Services LLC.

Registration is required for this Zoom event – click here to register.