In the summer of 2018, many Cornwall residents worked with Lorraine to find and showcase Cornwall’s homegrown music. Those efforts included hymns sung by the choir of the United Church of Christ in Cornwall Village that were sung in the Scoville farmhouse over a century ago. The Cornwall Historical Society presented an exhibition called Ballads and Barn Dances: Cornwall’s Homegrown Music that documented how Cornwall has kept its local music alive over the past century and more. Still, the Homegrown Band presented a dance for kids, followed by an open mike for local singers and songwriters. Lorraine and Bennett Hammond presented their third homecoming concert, featuring ballads of Oscar Degreenia and original songs by Lorraine about growing up in Cornwall, followed by a group sing.

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This web exhibit started as a reproduction of the 2018 exhibition, but we’ve begun to add other material, much of it from people who heard about the exhibit and sent us additional photos, recordings, and memories. We hope this webpage will continue to incorporate new material from the past – and from the future.