Cemetery Markers

The gravestone of Civil War veteran Cornelius Parmelee, in the Old Cemetery near Flat Rocks Road at East Cornwall.



Gravestones for Cornwall's Civil War soldiers include simple markers and monumental obelisks. During the early twentieth century, new gravestones were erected in Cornwall's cemeteries for Civil War soldiers whose graves needed new markers.

If you are interested in visiting Cornwall's Civil War graves, a free map of the cemeteries is available at the Cornwall Historical Society.

Cornwall’s Civil War soldiers were buried in six cemeteries throughout the town,
including one just over the border with Sharon. Most of the cemeteries are still in active use; if you visit, please be respectful of mourners who may be present.






Letter to Cornwall's Rev. Edward C. Starr regarding new gravetones for Civil War veterans Jeremiah May and David Hector, both of whom were buried in the Calhoun Cemetery, 1914.
(Collection of Cornwall Historical Society)


Civil War Soldiers in Cornwall Cemeteries

Calhoun Cemetery
Pvt. Herman E. Bonney, 1828 - 1864
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Frederick W. Crassett, 1841 - 1918
   Company E, 37th Mass. Inf.
2nd Lt. Everett E. Dunbar, 1838 – 1907
   Company C & E, 13th C.V.I.
Pvt. David Hector, 1821 - 1881
   Company D, 31st U.S. Colored Infantry
Pvt. Hermann Hoffmann, 1828 - 1914
   Company H, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Cpl. Jeremiah May, 1829 - 1897
   Company B, 14th RI Heavy Artillery
   Company B, 11th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery

Cpl. George W. Page, 1839 - 1864
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Sgt. Albert E. Robinson, 1832 - 1865
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Lewis J. Sawyer, 1840 - 1864
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Horace C. Sickmund, 1835 - 1864
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Cpl. Charles H. Smith, 1842 - 1919
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Sgt. Josiah Starr, 1825 - 1898
   Company C, 29th CT Colored Infantry
Sgt. George W. Studley, 1843 - 1913
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Sgt. John L. Watson, 1836-1891
   Company F, 29th CT Colored Infantry
Pvt. Charles S. Western
    Company H, 11th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery
Pvt. Horace N. Williams, 1826 - 1909
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.


Cornwall Cemetery, 2014.

Cornwall Cemetery
Sgt. Matthew P. Bell, Jr., 1846 - 1913
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Benjamin F. Bierce, 1836 - 1883
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Cpl. Nelson Clark, 1819 - 1897
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Sgt. Robert N. Cochrane, 1842 - 1929
   Company I, 5th C.V.I.
Pvt. Philo L. Cole, 1836 - 1863
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Josiah B. Corban, 1821 - 1895
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. George Dibble, 1833 - 1903
   Company C, 13th C.V.I.
Wag. Gilbert Dickinson, 1832 - 1906
   Company I, 5th C.V.I.
Chaplain Jacob Eaton, 1833 - 1865
   Field & Staff, 7th C.V.I.
Capt. Edward F. Gold, 1823 – 1895
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. John Hawver, 1838 - 1868
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Dwight A. Hotchkiss, 1847 - 1885
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Zina D. Hotchkiss, 1814 - 1875
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Henry H. Ives, 1839 - 1885
   Company C, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Cpl. Mark S. Nickerson, 1843 - 1915
   10th MA Infantry
Pvt. Pascal North, 1836 - 1864
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Asst. Surgeon William B. North, 1835 - 1866
   Company S, 18th C.V.I.
2nd Lt. William R. Payne, 1832 - 1865
   Company I, 11th C.V.I.
Pvt. George W. Pendleton, 1840 - 1862
   Company C, 1st C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Thomas Sherman, 1845 - 1866
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. John Tully, 1823 - 1881
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Cpl. Henry L. Vaill, 1841- 1864
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Clinton R. Wilcox, 1847 - 1893
Pvt. Thomas Wilson, 1842 - 1900
   Company C, 13th C.V.I.


Cornwall Hollow Cemetery, 2014.

Cornwall Hollow Cemetery
Pvt. Albert H. Bailey, 1818 - 1898
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Edgar V. Doughty, 1842 - 1903
   Company F, 2nd C.V.I.
Pvt. Harvey L. Ford, 1837 – 1864
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.
William Fox, 1830 - 1911
Pvt. Martin Hull, 1828 - 1864
   Company E, 16th C.V.I.
Major General John Sedgwick, 1813 - 1864
   VI Army Corps

Additionally, Theodore S. Gold wrote in his history of Cornwall that a “Mr. Read, colored” who had served during the Civil War was buried in the Cornwall Hollow Cemetery. This may be Charles E. Reed, who served with the 29th Colored Regiment. A gravestone for an "Unknown U.S. Soldier" is located in this cemetery.



Cogswell family monument, North Cornwall Cemetery, 2014.

North Cornwall Cemetery
Capt. Amos T. Allen, 1839 - 1864
   Company I, 5th C.V.I.;
   Company F, 11th C.V.I.

2nd Lt. William H. Cogswell, 1837 – 1864
   Company I, 5th C.V.I.;
   Company B, 2nd C.V.H.A.

Pvt. Newton W. Cogswell, 1835 - 1876
   Company B, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Sgt. William Green, 1828 - 1874
   Company I, 5th C.V.I.
Edgar E. Hart, 1842 - 1875
   8th NY Regiment
Pvt. Nelson Hart, 1842 - 1915
   Company I, 8th C.V.I.
Musician Myron Hubbell, 1824 - 1862
   Company G, 19th C.V.I.
1st Sgt. Charles McCormick, 1836 - 1865
   Company I, 5th C.V.I.
Pvt. William H. Morgan, 1844 - 1913
   Company E, 5th C.V.I.
Cpl. Crawford Nodine, 1841 - 1862
   Company I, 5th C.V.I.
Pvt. Henry Root, 1839 - 1913
   Company I, 8th C.V.I.


Old Cemetery
Pvt. Cornelius G. Parmalee, 1840 - 1876
   Company I, 13th C.V.I.


Saint Bridget Cemetery
Pvt. Thomas Lyons, 1830 - 1904
   Company A, 2nd C.V.H.A.
Pvt. Nathan Payne, 1833 - 1916
   Company G, 2nd C.V.H.A.

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